The Chakras - Energy Centres

The seven Chakras are centres of energy in the Ethereal Body, they are like portals leading to different energy fields in your Aura. Energy moves in and out of chakras in a spiral formation, they appear as whirling discs or saucer shaped depressions, according to the health and spiritual being of the individual, as the flow of energy around the body and through these centres has a great effect on a persons well-being. Located along the spine, the Chakras act as the main receivers and distributors of vital energy. Each Chakra corresponds to a different gland and governs specific parts of the physical body.

  CROWN CHAKRA (sahasrara)
Located top of head. Colour: Pure White or Violet light.
Transcendence: super consciousness: spiritual will.
  THIRD EYE (ajna)
Centre of Brow. Colour: Indigo (purple/blue)
Expanded consciousness, visions, ideas, inspiration and higher thinking.
  THROAT CHAKRA (vishuddha)
Located in throat. Colour: Blue
The centre of communication and expression.
  HEART CHAKRA (anahata)
Located centre of chest. Colour: Green and Pink
Where we unite with each other. Unconditional love. Source of healing and balancing. compassion
  SOLAR PLEXUS (manipura)
Located in hollow ā€˜vā€™ in rib cage. Colour: Yellow
Ego consciousness . Emotional anger. Desire. Personal power.
  SACRAL CHAKRA (swadhishthana)
Located under the navel above the root chakra. Colour:Orange.Emotional life. Sexuality. Trauma. Infant and Childhood. Creativity.
  ROOT CHAKRA (muladhara)
Located at the Perineum (where you sit on) Colour: Red
Physical will to be. Survival. Housing. Money. Territory.

Balance between the Chakras results in maximum vitality and health. Damage to one of the Chakras through physical or emotional trauma will be manifested as dysfunction in the relative area of the body. The aim of the healing arts, is to restore the individuals balance of energies, and to bring them back into harmony, with the universal pulse of life.





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