Baby Massage Class

Individual Tutition 1½ Hours £45.00

Effectively and enjoyably teaching the parent simple basic, gently massage techniques to massage, soothe and nourish baby. Many cultures have used massage as part of baby care for hundreds of years, used for healthy full term babies, massage can be relaxing for both babies and parents. Studies has suggested that physical contact is good for babies, and may be particularly good for babies with special needs: such as development disabilities and down's syndrome.

Research shows, it can have many benefits:

• Develops awareness, co-ordination and alertness
• Encourage better sleeping pattern
• Helps relieve colic
• Mutual relaxation for parent and baby
• Reduces crying
• Relief from irritability, teething, constipation etc
• Release trauma of difficult birth
• Strengthens and regulates, immune, circulatory, respiratory systems
• strengthens and regulates, nervous, digestive and eliminatory systems
• Supports and builds strong bond between parent and baby

Organic Sunflower & Camomile massage oil £5.99 50mls

Price: £40

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