Sports Conditioning Massage


Ideally the sportsperson should have massage daily, or at least after every hard training session, this is standard practice for top sportspersons in many Eastern European countries, however not in the west.
The competitive sportsperson should consider having massage at least once a week, ideally after the hardest training session of the week. Massage should always be followed by one or two days of lighter training.

Amateur or recreational sportspersons, who train regular, but may not push themselves to maximum limits, should also consider the use of massage to prevent injury, at least twice a month. Many amateurs who push themselves to their maximum effort , actually go through more stress than the top sportsperson, because they do not have the same conditioning, and my also have occupational stress to cope with, and may be at even greater risk of overtraining and traumas.


For all forms of exercise, from athletics, to dance or cycling, massage is of tremendous value, to condition the body for action, relax it and heal it in times of injury.


Massage should be used to supplement (but not replace) a warm-up and stretching routine, given preferably the day before any form of strenuous or prolonged exercise, will condition and help prepare the body, for the coming exertion.


After most forms of exercise, we only need a few moments of rest to restore the metabolic balance in our muscles, but when we are unfit or exercise too hard, the demand for oxygen exceeds the supply, producing a build up in the muscles of waste products, which cause aching and fatigue, which takes a long time to dispel. Massage helps muscles return to their original capacity far quicker than rest, by improving circulation and removing metabolic waste.


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