Anti-aging galvanic Facial (75mins) 50.00

Lifts, tightens and firms the skin. Using galvanic technology, this facial will dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles, eliminate toxins and reduce blemishes. A variety of can beaddressed such as: acne, excessive oiliness, dry skin, darkunder eye circles and wrinkles. After one treatment you can notice a visible difference in your skin appearance.

Aromatherapy Facial (1hr15) 35.00

Relax, unwind and restore health and vitality to dull lifeless skinand a tired body. This revitalising, uplifting and nourishing treatment uses active aromatherapy products to rejuvenate, hydrate, restore radiance, lift your senses and instil an overall sense of well-being. Scalp massage included using acupressure points.

Aromatherapy Mini Facial (30) 25.00

Acupressure aromatherapy facial cleanse  and massage.

Collagen Hydrating Facial (1 hr)  30.00

Targets ageing, dry, dehydrated, stressed and slackened skin                               
Collagen is the most common protein in the body. Many internal and external factors can damage the skin. Collagen in the skin is particularly susceptible to free radical damage and as levels of collagen in the skin cause fine lines to appear and skin to lose elasticity. This collagen facial is naturally firming and lifting. It effectively treats wrinkles, dehydration, loosening skin and loss of tone, restoring its vitality and firmness. 

Deep Cleanse Dermabrasion (1hr) 30.00

A non-surgical therapeutic wand dermabrasion resurfacing procedure for the skin, during which, dead skin cells are removed. Helps to erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and superficial scarring reduces pore size, helps stimulate cell turn over, reduces the appearance of age spots and helps firm and tone the skin. 

Eminence Luxury Signature Facial (1hr)  35.00

Deep cleansing and relaxing, addressing your needs
This facial is customised to meet you skins individual needs and concern.  A deep cleanse is followed by exfoliation, steam, blackhead extraction, massage and mask. Leaves your skin Purified, refined and hydrated with a glowing radiant complexion.
Just to make it the perfect experience you’ll receive a complimentary head and scalp massage.

Mini Facial (30mins) 15.00

Deep cleansing facial providing a quick and instant pick me up for any skin type. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, mask and moisturizer.

Milia Extraction (whiteheads)   from 15.00

Blackhead Extraction (with steam) from 15.00



Eyelash Tint (15mins) 8.00
Eyebrow Tint (15mins)  6.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint (15mins)  11.00
Eyelash and Brow Tint (free shape) (15mins) 14.00
Eyebrow Shape/Wax (15mins) 7.00

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your lashes. Choose your desired length and thickness with short, medium or long lashes. Can last up to one week

Full Set (30mins) 10.00
Half Set (30mins)   6.00
Corner of the eyes (30mins)  6.00
Fill Ins (30mins) from  4.00
Removal    5.00

We strongly recommend eyelash extensions are removed Professionally

Strip Lashes

Enhance your make-up and get that wow factor for special occasions

1 set of strip lash application   10.00
Application of you own strip lashes 5.00



Full Leg (45mins)   18.00
Half leg (30mins) 13.00
Full Leg and Bikini (1hr)   25.00
Half Leg and Bikini (45mins)  20.00
Bikini (British) (30mins)   8.00
Lip or Chin (15mins)   5.50
Combined Lip and Chin (15mins)  9.00
Arm (30mins)  14.00
Underarm (15mins)   6-00
Back and Chest (30mins) from   15.00



The Brazilian (30mins) 16.00

(also known as the ‘Landing Strip’)
This involves removing hair from the crease of your posterior


The Hollywood (30mins)  18.00

(the ‘Full Monty’ All taken away)



A regular manicure and pedicure improves the appearance of your hands and feet. Luxury products are used to promote optimum nail and skin appearance. Whether you want painted nails, rockstar glitter or a simple but stylish well groomed look.

Luxury Manicure (60mins) With hands mitts extra 5.00
File and Polish Colour (30mins) 10.00
File and Polish French (30mins)  10.00
Luxury Pedicure (60mins) 22.00
With callus (hard skin removal)   26.00
File and Polish Colour (30mins)   10.00
File and Polish French (30mins) 10.00
Nail Cutting Service   from  10.00


The ultimate long-lasting high gloss polish. Perfect nails that last 2-3 weeks chip-proof-traditional polish and UV GEL, in one magic little bottle

Shellac colour fingers or toes (45mins) 17.00
Shellac French fingers or toes  17.00
Shellac Rockstar  fingers or toes 20.00

The WOW factor! A glitter of your choice is sprinkled on to your nails and cured under gel


SPECIAL OFFER Fingers and Toes

Shellac 30.00   Rockstar 36.00
Shellac with Luxury Manicure   28.00
Shellac with Luxury Pedicure 30.00
Shellac Soak off  5.00



Intensely moisturising for extremely dry hands and feet. One of the most under-rated treatments of all and is one of the most effective ways of applying heat to reduce swelling, decreases inflammation, soothes pain from arthritis, bursitis, stiffness and improves circulation

Paraffin Wax Manicure (1 hr 30 mins) 30.00
Paraffin Wax Pedicure (1hr 30 mins)   32.00

Manicures and Pedicures are perfect as a group treatment, got awedding coming up or a girls only weekend away?
A group treatment is a fantastic way for the whole party to get their fingers and toes into shape
Group discount available


Fake Bake Spray Tan (30mins)   20.00

Extreme or original you choose the colour you want to be. Last 7 days

He Shi Spray Tan  20.00

An instant quick drying spray tan, which is completely odourless. Delivers a perfectly bronzed and natural look. Or choose bridal tan for that healthy fresh glow. Lasting up to 7 days. Cosmopolitans best tan award for 2010

St Tropez (applied manually)    25.00

A natural sun kissed glow.

NOTE: please exfoliate and shave/wax 24 hours prior to your appointment.

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(45mins) 20.00

Eyebrow wax and tint
Eyelash tint
Full set individual lashes

(4hours) 88.00

Shellac Manicure and pedicure
Full leg, british bikini and under arm wax
Eyebrow wax and tint
Eyelash tint

(3hours) 68.00

Shellac finger and toes
Half leg wax, british bikini
underarm wax
Eyebrow shape and tint
Eyelash tint

(1.5hours) 42.00

Full set of individual lash extensions
Full body spray tan
Shellac finger nails
Shellac toes extra £12


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