Acupuncture Face Lifts

A viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects run much deeper than simply improving appearances. Less invasive, safe, painless and an inexpensive treatment with dramatic impressive results

At Alternatively Better we believe in a holistic approach to essential beauty and well-being and believe the most natural products and procedures can have a beneficial effect on your overall health, as seen on the television programme ten years younger. We now offer acupuncture face treatments which will not only enhance your facial appearance but will raise your vitality levels too.

During the treatment, the insertion of fine needles into the facial skin stimulates natural collagen, which pumps out and firms the skin. The whole procedure lasts about 30minutes you will initially need 3-4 weekly treatments then 1 per month thereafter for maintenance.

Stimulates natural collagen
Plumps and firms the skin
Improve muscle tone
Reduces sagginess, lines and wrinkles
Better jaw line definition
Safe, painless, non-invasive

A hand full of needles is better than one needle full of BOTULISM

Individual session: £40.00
Book 4 weekly treatments in advance: £140.00

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